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Music & Singing Lessons


(Only available in JHB West & South Rand - Alberton, Roodepoort Areas)


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  > Did you ever wanted to learn how to play an Instrument? Or improve your singing talent?

Let our Professionals help & teach you how to play your favorite instrument or help you with your Singing Talent

Our Music Lessons department give Music & Singing Lessons - 

@ Your Home, on Your Instrument !

        - Come to you
        - Give lessons in the comfort of your Home, Professionally
        - Do Lessons on your own instrument to help make you feel more comfortable & relaxed

        - Save Fuel
        - Save Time
        - Avoid Traffic
        - Don't drive up & down
        - Don't Stress
:: 15 Years of Music Lesson Excellence ::
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1. Instrumental Lessons:

Our Lessons include Teaching you how to play & to understand your Instrument practically & Teaching you the Basics of reading Sheet Music & Theory.

We currently Teach the following Instruments:

        > PIANO Lessons
               > KEYBOARD Lessons
               > GUITAR Lessons
               > ACCORDION Lessons
               > ORGAN Lessons

2. Vocal / Singing Lessons:

We teach you all the basics on how to use your voice to sing properly. - Vocal Workouts - Breathing Techniques - Phrasing Techniques - Singing Techniques - Vocal Ranges

Our aim is to Teach our students how to play an instrument or how to sing properly, in a Easy, Fun & Relaxing way.

For this reason, we do not offer a Musical Examination course at the moment.

We Teach Adults all Ages, and Children from the Age of 8


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With 2 Packages to choose from, it's fun, easy & exciting ! Once Off Registration Fee (New Students): R150 (Study Material etc) 1) R950 per Month / 4 Lessons: = 4 x 1 Hour (60 Minutes) (+-) Lessons = 1 per Week 2) R750 per Month / 4 Lessons: = 4 x (40 Minutes) (+-) Lessons = 1 per Week
*All Fees Includes: Lesson & Traveling Fees.
SPECIAL OFFER: Weekday Morning Lessons:  R650 per Month / 4 Lessons: 
               - Roodepoort Area
- 4 x 40 min (+-) Lessons - 1 per Week - Morning Times: Between 09h00 - 13h00 Monday - Friday - Perfect for Students, House Wives etc.
- Discount:
               If you pay your lessons for 3 months in advance, you'll receive 10% Discount.

- We can work out a Special Quote :
* Should you decide to learn 2 or more Instruments at a time
* Have 2 or more persons in the same household that wants to learn more than 1 Instrument


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Tuition are done in the Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings, subject to availability.

-> Monday - Thursday 09h00 - 19h00
-> Fridays 09h00 - 17h00
-> Saturdays 09h00 - 12h00

Thru-out the Year, including School Holidays, Except December Holidays


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Our basic Terms, Conditions & Rules :

Lesson Times & Bookings
- Training will be given on the Specified Day & Time agreed on & will stay that way unless-otherwise Arranged.

- Is Possible, with a min of 3 Hour prior Notice.
- A Maximum of 2 Times are allowed in a month or 4 Lesson cycle.
- Every reschedule after the allowed 2 times will be charged for.
- If you reschedule your lessons to often,
------------ -We reserve the right to Charge you for those lessons, or
------------ -We reserve the right to cancel your lessons to accompany other potential Clients on our waiting list.
-Due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. Traffic, illness, Time -
------------ -We might reschedule a lesson from our side.
-When rescheduling takes place, your lesson is moved to the next week.

- Please let us know if you can't attend a lesson
- If a teacher/coach arrive for a lesson & your not home without prior arrangement, you will be charged for the lesson.

- Lessons must be paid for in Advance.
- Payment must be done before or on the 1st of a month. A R50 Penalty fee will be
charged on overdue amounts.
Any missed lessons during the month will be saved & worked in on a later stage where
possible except for the Reschudeling clause explained.

- RSM Productions won’t be held responsible for poor progress in training given due to lack of
------------ -Practicing, Attendance & Attention from the student.

- All material Provided are Copyright protected. No illegal copying / distribution allowed.

- Cancellations: 1 Month Notice needed if you decide to Stop. You will be responsible to pay for a Noticemonth


  Info / Bookings / Registrations:

  If you're interested or would like some more info, 
  Please Contact Us & we'll gladly give you all the info you need:

                         Info / Bookings / Registrations: 
Please kindly send a Whatsapp Message to
Whatsapp 083 407 5609


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